Monday, July 21, 2008

Opportunity – Being the Worlds Largest Democracy.

July 20th 2008.

Opportunity – Being the Worlds Largest Democracy.

The state of the politics stability of the nation has been on tender hooks ever since the era of major cohlition in politics was heralded by the then ruling party at the center by the NDA government.

Over the past few weeks ever since Dr.Mannmohan Singh took a definitive stance over his conviction that a nuclear allegiance with US will hold the country in good stead meeting some of the many varied usages of nuclear power for commercial and domestic purposes, there has been cloud of uncertainty over future of the UPA government completing it full term.

Stepping back from the messy state of current affairs, I shrug to think of the great opportunity that we as the largest democracy are missing out.

Is the utility of the democratic political creed we fought for so passionately 60 years ago to serve us as Indians to build a nation serving the cause of every citizen coming to a cropper?

As I see stalwarts after stalwarts coming up on television and print and striking an opportunistic alliance or put they elected status on sales, I am deeply pained to see the reality and the propose for which we elected them as representatives of people to work for the country in the office of the parliament being so blatantly abused! I am certain that the political stance taken by the leaders are most definitely not representing what a common man on the street and the fields’ cares.

Is it for this that the innocent farmer or an educated urban from the city cast his valued vote– to see his representative being traded like commodity in the political bazaar? Or lobby for minister ship (basically an opportunity to loot the public money) when there is barely enough time left in the last stage of the UPA government? Do you think that the ministers will perform wonders in this while when it takes at least 5 year term for a majority government and a cabinet of ministers to cause a mild impact of reform on the society?

Where has the Lefts secular stand gone today? For years they have been professing secular politics and hold a vision of secular India as sanctum sanctorum , will be voting with BJP to pull a government who they were part to so far ?

Is the Left then only custodian of Indian sovereignty? Which towering leaders like Sharad Pawar, Lalu Prasad, Karunanidhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Dr.Manmohan et al don’t worry about?

Where was Samajwadi party all these days? Where they waiting for the crisis to emerge before jumping in to support Sonia lead UPA like a knight in the shining amour?

Did Amar Singh wake up today to fight the cause of Windfall taxes to be imposed on RIL?

Mayawati ? What is her political legacy which has prompted leaders like Chandrababu Naidu , Ajit Singh and other to propose her as the next prime minesratial candidate?

Why are patriarchs like Atal Behari Vajpayee and Jyoti Basu salient? They may not be active in politics but may I question them to seek to understand “Is it the political legacy that they have left behind after their 40 plus years in politics? Aren’t they pain and bother to opine to the nation they helped build.

Where are Party manifestos? reading which the citizen exercises her/his adult franchise? Is there any reference to these documents or party ideologies before bargaining or horse trading?

Today, India is widely acknowledges as an emerging super power! The opportunity to lead by example on a global stage and set benchmark of global citizen is OUR lest we lose playing opportunistic petty politics.

The process of democracy is a powerful tool in our hands. Let’s take this opportunity to CHANGE the political constitution. We can today put the best and the brightest minds from the country to good use. The unbridled leadership be unleashed to make good of the time of our lives to become a model nation and global benchmark.

Time then to conceive a political constitutional blueprint for the future:

A blueprint which mandatory have issues pertaining to the national interest as a necessary precondition in every parties election manifesto:

Matters related to :

· Healthcare
· Education.
· Farming
· National Defense.
· National Integrity and Sovereignty.
· Human Rights.
· Pluralistic View point promoting inclusive agendas for all religions, cast and creed.
· One Country , One Nation concept and fearlessly condemning the likes of Raj Thackeray or other devious minds splitting the nations unity.
· Above all compete in the global society as one united nation honoring decisions taken by the elected state head unilaterally.

Only then shall we claim to be better than the best society and add meaning to being the world’s largest democracy. There are one too many challenges that we have to face as a united nation, challenges which are outside the country. High time we sorted the internal political skirmished and behaved like a mature democratic country. After all 6 decades of freedom should lend some civility to our societies.

This is the “Audacity of Hope” that I carry for my beloved nation “INDIA” the SuperPower by 2020.